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Animal Crossing: New Horizons update will add Festivale event and more!

It's going to get busy again on the island! Image source: @chosenground Another free update has been announced on for the winter! Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons' initial release last March 20, we've seen two major updates sporting big events, namely the Summer update which reintroduced swimming and new critters, and the Fall update with pumpkin farms and seasonal holidays. Now, we're going to see the winter update with Pavé the dancing peacock and the Festivale event taking place on February 15. There will be other seasonal items to celebrate since Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, and Big Game Celebrations are coming up. What's important is that Nintendo announced the next upcoming free update after this. I do want to ask, why they call it a "free" update. Does this mean there will be a "paid" update or is it more for Marketing as free is an incentive word.  The peacock on this event, Pavé, is a returning character and

Forager - wow, I'm addicted.

Forager - wow, I'm addicted. Forager is an absurdly addicting game where you start with building a small base on a tiny island, gather resources, and buy neighboring lands to expand your manufacturing empire.  I have the game on Steam and I couldn't turn away after several hours of playthrough as there are apparently other things that adults must do. Ugh. Responsibilities! PROS: It's easy to pick up, but difficult to put down! Premise looks promising Build and battle Mighty portable More free content coming up CONS: One pet per play No multiplayer Hold one key for most of the time FPS bug on PC? It's easy to pick up, but difficult to put down! (top) Forager is easy to grasp: the player goes around mining rocks, chopping trees, harvesting resources in order to build structures to c

Subsistence - barely survive AND build a mansion

A Subsistence first impression game review. Subsistence is an indie survival first-person shooter where the players need to keep themselves fed and build a base for shelter against the elements. Players will hunt for food, keep hydrated, and protect  themselves from wild animals (and hostile hunters later on). In short, failure to keep the most basic need for survival means starting over. It's a frustratingly difficult game in the beginning that requires a lot of trial and error, but consider it an achievement once a working base is up and running.  Here is my computer system: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700k CPU @ 4.20GHz RAM: 16 GB DDR4 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070x2 8GB GDDR5 Display: 27" MSI Optix AG32C 165Hz PROS True to the title - you must survive each day Rewarding when supplies have stabilized Interesting AI mechanic where hostile hunters build bases Predators level up when they get you CONS Challenging hunt for materials Lack of direction in the b

Happy New 2021 to all (or Jumanji!!)

 Here in Harvest Gamer, I wish and pray for you a happy, a prosperous and a healthy New Year. 21! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch — thechosenground (@chosenground) January 1, 2021 THE HARVEST GAMER Sam1, a portmanteau for someone, is an aspiring novelist in the romance, comedy, and horror genre. He is a university graduate with a degree in Business Administration and Applied Computer Science. He is an indie game-developer on and also an avid gamer. He currently works as an Exams and Adaptive Technology Coordinator.