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A Confusing Sims 5

I've always been excited when there's a new Sims game to be released. Yes, including Sims Medieval. Sims is a staple in my computer. But I'm rather confused about EA's recent announcement to Project Rene, codename to the upcoming mainline Sims game. And despite the amount of content in Sims 4 - we still can't shake off the feeling of something lacking. Here are four things that I'm wary about The Sims 5: 1. Project Rene to support mobile and PC experience. I'm not sure how this will play out graphics and performance wise. We still have no information on whether mobile will translate to cloud servers or local files. But logging in to play Sims itself (not logging onto a launcher) is not what I'm excited to do. Having a third party launching the game serves as a gate to actually owning the game. What happens when it's time to move on to Sims 6? Until now, I enjoy Sims 2 because it runs without any launcher. Sims 5 may use local files to run on the PC -