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5 Games to Play this Winter Break

The winter break is in order. There's time now for binge gaming on a deep storyline or building your own grand empire. Get cozy and enjoy. The winter break is the ideal time to unwind. Here are five games for this winter session: 5. The Guild 2: Renaissance The Guild 2 can get you immersed on building your business empire as soon as you're able to find that sweet spot of a steady profit. Guild 2 is a hidden gem of a sim game as you compete and outlast rival families by being the top mogul of the renaissance era. The dynasty mode is ideal during the winter break as Guild 2 is meant to be played for long gaming sessions.  In the Guild 2, you start off with your sole avatar and decide on one of four professions: a patron, a craftsperson, a scholar or a rogue. I recommend starting a craftsperson to start a simple production business. But Guild 2 offers more than managing your own business; your family member can participate on civic duties to help the needy or serve your own intere