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The Sims 5 is facing a good competition!

Life-sim games are my staple when it comes to rest and relaxation. I enjoy it even in its slightest hint from RPGs such as Skyrim, Fable, and so on. I grew up playing life-sims from different perspectives whether farming games or building houses, but I was heavily immersed with The Sims. Now we're seeing a new age of life-sim games with multiplayer in mind. And which we also expect in the development of The Sims 5.  Here are the upcoming life-sim games hyping me along with Sims 5:    The Sims 5 Paralives Life By You Vivaland The Sims 5  (top) (Image Credit: Electronic Arts / Maxis) The mainstream life-sim is going to add multiplayer, but EA emphasizes that Sims 5 will not become an MMO. Graphics wise, Sims 5 could be described as an upgraded Sims 4. But it's still in the very early phase of development. In fact, Project Rene invited play-testers to design the interior of an apartment only (i.e. a pre-built space). Building the dry-walls was absent during the initial play-test.