A Confusing Sims 5

I've always been excited when there's a new Sims game to be released. Yes, including Sims Medieval. Sims is a staple in my computer. But I'm rather confused about EA's recent announcement to Project Rene, codename to the upcoming mainline Sims game. And despite the amount of content in Sims 4 - we still can't shake off the feeling of something lacking. Here are four things that I'm wary about The Sims 5: 1. Project Rene to support mobile and PC experience. I'm not sure how this will play out graphics and performance wise. We still have no information on whether mobile will translate to cloud servers or local files. But logging in to play Sims itself (not logging onto a launcher) is not what I'm excited to do. Having a third party launching the game serves as a gate to actually owning the game. What happens when it's time to move on to Sims 6? Until now, I enjoy Sims 2 because it runs without any launcher. Sims 5 may use local files to run on the PC -

Sims 5 seemingly heading toward a Free-to-Play with Subscription model

The joke of paying real cash to buy a virtual outfit, a virtual furniture, or a virtual lot to play Sims may become frighteningly real. A snippet from Maxis' career page caught the attention of many simmers when it involves Project Rene (aka Sims 5) looking for a Head of Marketplace & Monetization. The post describes that the newest entry to The Sims reveals a free-to-enter and paid content. It eludes to going away from the traditional buy-to-play model to a free-to-play model similar where players have to be connected online and subscribed to receive new content. The page above is no longer available on the Maxis Careers page (yet reflected on a LinkedIn post  too).  The Sims 4 base game became free-to-play last October 18, 2022. And EA / Maxis introduced Game packs and Kits for The Sims 4. So the likely move for Project Rene (Sims 5) would be to streamline the content distribution by offering a free base game and then building it up through a subscription model or through de

The Sims 5 is facing a good competition!

Life-sim games are my staple when it comes to rest and relaxation. I enjoy it even in its slightest hint from RPGs such as Skyrim, Fable, and so on. I grew up playing life-sims from different perspectives whether farming games or building houses, but I was heavily immersed with The Sims. Now we're seeing a new age of life-sim games with multiplayer in mind. And which we also expect in the development of The Sims 5.  Here are the upcoming life-sim games hyping me along with Sims 5:    The Sims 5 Paralives Life By You Vivaland The Sims 5  (top) (Image Credit: Electronic Arts / Maxis) The mainstream life-sim is going to add multiplayer, but EA emphasizes that Sims 5 will not become an MMO. Graphics wise, Sims 5 could be described as an upgraded Sims 4. But it's still in the very early phase of development. In fact, Project Rene invited play-testers to design the interior of an apartment only (i.e. a pre-built space). Building the dry-walls was absent during the initial play-test.

That stuck feeling is terrible

I'm stuck right now. I'd like to save up for a new phone. I'd like to save up for a car. I'd like to save up for a new home. I'd like to save up for a new computer. I'd like to save up for a business. I can't spend. I need more savings. Welcome to the real world. But I think it's just February talking. I usually spend around this time of the year. Otherwise, it's going to be stale as work. But I'm feeling super bored already. If I'm to save up, then I shouldn't be spending until June. Homeownership is my primary focus and I'm getting impatient at work and on my game development. I'm getting antsy in life. My game development always hits a snag: fix one problem, notice another. The latest development in my game involves town management but now I have to examine the story and (possibly) redo it. While I was drafting the dialogue between the player and an NPC on the town management, I realized that the whole premise is weak. Worse, i

Majesty 2 - because there is still no Majesty 3

Majesty 2 is a fantasy city-builder where you build and manage a township kingdom without directly controlling your units. You can build structures, cast spells, and place flag markers. Once you hire units (ie. heroes), they can only be influenced - not ordered - if you have a quest flag marked on the map with a gold payout. Simple Mechanic Sim Heroes Controlling the Map No Sandbox Mode Conclusion Simple Mechanic Building is gridless. Villagers / Peasants will spawn to build their homes and any queued structure. Tax collectors will spawn automatically from your castle, and they will walk around your town to collect taxes. Significant revenues can be collected from the marketplace and blacksmith. Different guild structures will let you hire your heroes. Upgrading each guild structure will unlock abilities for your heroes including the Majesty spells (or the player spells). There's a marketplace for heroes to buy their equipment and potions. A guard tower spawns a royal guard

Thanks for the company, Francene.

Thanks for being here, Francene. First, I wanted to post this image since I'm exploring presets for my ACNH screenshots. Second, I didn't know this screenshot would resonate a lot to me. I know it's weird to feel attached to a villager (or an NPC); but the same can be said to any character in a movie or a novel. Still when I look at this picture, I recall those real memories when I played the game.  (Read more...)

Look for Len in Len's Island - Review

Len's island is a survival game set on a mysterious island where you must find food, gather resources, and build a shelter to survive. You'll be chopping up wood, foraging for berries, and exploring the island to establish your footing. Soon you discover that you are not alone and must develop a thriving homestead on the island later on. Len's island is still on Early Access. The early build is playable and I haven't run into any bugs but it is lacking dialogue and quests. Players can use the point and click or WASD control mechanic.  Life-Sim and Survival Town of Bridgewater Dungeon Crawling Colorful Graphics Conclusion Life-Sim and Survival (top) The house building in Len's Island is simple to grasp as exterior structures snap by the grid while indoor furniture can be placed by the pixel. Crafting involves the usual gathering the necessary resources such as wood, stones, and fiber. You'll then be able to craft tools and furniture. More furnitur