New World: 5 Reasons to Buy a House in Aeternum

New World has lost a huge number of its playerbase since launch due to bugs, lack of end game content and gameplay annoyances. But AGS had introduced a stream QoL (Quality of Life) improvements, new game content, and gameplay refinement to entice its players back. In fact, our server is seeing more curious returnees who constantly ask what changed that it became a meme. While we cannot name all the new implementations in this article, I would remark that the new updates on Housing would be a welcoming development for new players, returnees, and daily players altogether.  Introduction Five Benefits One Glaring Problem Conclusion I've read questions on the global chat asking would it be a good idea to own a house? I'd say buy the most expensive one on your first purchase. Now is the best time to buy a house in Aeternum since the Proprety Tax is set at an insignificant 1%, plus you're able to sell off your house now if you change your mind. Here are

Nivalis (PC) - I'm keeping my eye on this.

As a big fan of life-sim games, Nivalis caught my attention because it portrays life in the opposite spectrum of the usual charming farm or island setting -- that is, life in a cyberpunk themed city. Nivalis seems interesting enough based on the premise of finding a place to live, a place to work, and a place to love. I remember that Cyberpunk 2077 planned to include this too as a sort of gameplay, where the player can have a routine of work to take a break from the main story (or even a break from the side-quests); I don't know what happened to that plan. Anyway, the thought of Nivalis is captivating. Nivalis is being developed by ION Lands, and their other game, Cloudpunk, is (also) a cybperpunk themed game where you deliver parcels. In Nivalis, you're supposed to create a cyber comfy home, manage a business, and meet new friends. But perhaps there is something more -- a secret hidden beneath the city. There is no release date for Nivalis yet, but it is wishlisted now on my S

I managed to snag a Rune Factory 5 Earthmate Edition away from scalpers!

It finally arrived and I can't wait to play Rune Factory 5. I was fortunate enough to get the Rune Factor 5 Earthmate Edition at MSRP despite the sea of scalpers online. I'm looking forward to playing and reviewing Rune Factory 5 on this upcoming weekend.

It's official: I'm a cat person

Well, I'm more like a rabbit-cat person. BUT! Upon seeing Sprigatito (roughly translates to Grass/Spriggan Kitten), I've finally confirmed that I am not a dog-person. That doesn't mean I don't like dogs, but I have more affinity toward cats. It's ironic though that I've never had a cat for a pet before. I've had dogs. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have released their announcement trailer today showcasing an open-world game planned for release this late 2022. A new Pokemon game means new Pokemon! Including a new set of adorable starters. BREAKING : we're seeing a lot of Sprigatito fan art as we speak! Possibly the new starters. Fuecoco is my second choice. Aww and Sprigatito is an attention seeking Pokemon in its lore . The game changing mechanic which has been partially introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and had been fully showcased on Pokemon Legends: Arceus is its open-world design in the game. Ever since Gen 1, fans have been imagining an o

Cheriwaves, my third island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cheriwaves was created because I wanted to buy the Coral Switch Lite. It's also a nod to Deftones' Cherry Waves song as it was stuck in my head. Plus its island native fruit is cherry (well it's pear, but I'm removing every pear tree). Cheriwaves will feature a theme of blue, white, and reddish/pinkish motif similar to the ocean waves with cherry. It's a work in progress where I got stuck in the middle. But since the latest 2.0 update + the expansion, I think I'll go ahead with the current theme in mind and explore the massive amount of items added. I'm imagining a splash of colour from a crash of cherry waves.  More importantly, here is to feature my top three favourite villagers of Cheriwaves (again, in no particular order) . 3. Roald Roald and I go way back in ACPG. I've had Roald twice in ACPG: as a starter villager and as someone who moved into my village from another GC memory card while fruit transferring. I thought that having a penguin was inter

5 Games to Play this Winter Break

The winter break is in order. There's time now for binge gaming on a deep storyline or building your own grand empire. Get cozy and enjoy. The winter break is the ideal time to unwind. Here are five games for this winter session: 5. The Guild 2: Renaissance The Guild 2 can get you immersed on building your business empire as soon as you're able to find that sweet spot of a steady profit. Guild 2 is a hidden gem of a sim game as you compete and outlast rival families by being the top mogul of the renaissance era. The dynasty mode is ideal during the winter break as Guild 2 is meant to be played for long gaming sessions.  In the Guild 2, you start off with your sole avatar and decide on one of four professions: a patron, a craftsperson, a scholar or a rogue. I recommend starting a craftsperson to start a simple production business. But Guild 2 offers more than managing your own business; your family member can participate on civic duties to help the needy or serve your own intere

dev diary: Getting back in the Groove

I posted last month about burning out and I have to jump over this block before it gets worse. One way that I found helpful in getting back into the groove would be to (forcefully) code for an hour at minimum. Similarly to getting back to writing. If the hour is unproductive at least it's spent on my life's project. It's working so far. The last few sessions had my mind working again on my list. Although there are a couple of things that I'm stuck with namely the design and a few gaps on my storyline, it's worse to fall behind. Thus I have to keep working on it in as little or as much as I can.  My core vision is to create a game that I want to play. Frankly, I think simply being able to have a project published is already an achievement; as long as the game is fun and makes sense; so I don't really care if it bombs. Here are the short synopsis of the games I'm developing which I think are worth working on: Project: Myth* (Genre: Single-player, Story rich, A