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dev diary: Getting back in the Groove

I posted last month about burning out and I have to jump over this block before it gets worse. One way that I found helpful in getting back into the groove would be to (forcefully) code for an hour at minimum. Similarly to getting back to writing. If the hour is unproductive at least it's spent on my life's project. It's working so far. The last few sessions had my mind working again on my list. Although there are a couple of things that I'm stuck with namely the design and a few gaps on my storyline, it's worse to fall behind. Thus I have to keep working on it in as little or as much as I can.  My core vision is to create a game that I want to play. Frankly, I think simply being able to have a project published is already an achievement; as long as the game is fun and makes sense; so I don't really care if it bombs. Here are the short synopsis of the games I'm developing which I think are worth working on: Project: Myth* (Genre: Single-player, Story rich, A