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Cheriwaves, my third island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cheriwaves was created because I wanted to buy the Coral Switch Lite. It's also a nod to Deftones' Cherry Waves song as it was stuck in my head. Plus its island native fruit is cherry (well it's pear, but I'm removing every pear tree). Cheriwaves will feature a theme of blue, white, and reddish/pinkish motif similar to the ocean waves with cherry. It's a work in progress where I got stuck in the middle. But since the latest 2.0 update + the expansion, I think I'll go ahead with the current theme in mind and explore the massive amount of items added. I'm imagining a splash of colour from a crash of cherry waves.  More importantly, here is to feature my top three favourite villagers of Cheriwaves (again, in no particular order) . 3. Roald Roald and I go way back in ACPG. I've had Roald twice in ACPG: as a starter villager and as someone who moved into my village from another GC memory card while fruit transferring. I thought that having a penguin was inter