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Littlewood: the world is saved, so now it's time to build and settle down as the hero.

The Dark Wizard has been vanquished! Peace has finally come to the land of Solemn and it's about darn time to chill. And some fishing. Littlewood is a charming town building / life-sim / RPG where you are the Hero who saved the land of Solemn by vanquishing the Dark Wizard. In Littlewood, the world has been saved but at the cost of the your memories. You start out as having no recollection of the past, thus you are tasked of building the town from scratch and making friends (which is easy to do in videogames unlike RL). No, I wasn't trying to cross the border and I didn't walk right into that imperial ambush this time. Littlewood features crafting, building, mining, farming, and fishing. Players will meet and make friends along the way who will also live in your town. Fair warning, there is also romance in the game, so you do you. Players will be able to terraform and decorate the exterior of the town; then craft and design the interior of the villagers' houses as well.