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I finally found my new staple game - Palworld Review

Mozzarina of the window, what is your wisdom? When I saw the Palworld ads as early as 2021, I knew it was going to sell. But I admit I also thought it was a cheeky game resembling a monster collector with guns and would end up as a vaporware. The Palworld ad was rough too when Pocket Pair was still using Unity.  Fast forward to the January 19, 2024, I bought the EA of Palworld on Steam. They did it! I didn't think twice of getting it. It was interesting at least. Now, I'm glad I'm playing it. This article is long overdue on Harvest Gamer, but I wanted to make sure it's out there. Palworld is a game I've been looking for . That is, I finally found a game that needs to be played and installed on all of my machines. Why play Palworld? Synopsis Pros Singleplayer and Multiplayer capable Pals are not a gimmick Fixed Map Design At 60fps Cons Need More Base Creativity Five Pal Party Conclusion Why play Palworld?  (top) The premise is simple. You catch Pals, build a base, a