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Life By You is cancelled

Life By You has announced its cancellation. The announcement was made on the Paradox Interactive Forums via Paradox General Discussion. Having it announced on the PDX general discussion instead of the Life By You forums means that the Life By You forum will likely shut down soon.  The game has been cancelled due to the game lacking on some key areas according to Paradox Deputy CEO, Mattias Lilja. Which may translate to simply dissatisfaction with the current builds and delaying the game is not their answer. There are other sides to the disappointing story about funding or corporate matters. One of the developers posted an article , stating that they were only informed two weeks before the early access. The biggest selling point for me is its supposed open world and concurrent gameplay. Rod Humble described it as your neighborhood would slowly transform as your game progresses. The other selling point to me is its direct competition with The Sims. Based on the reception on my bad exper

Sims 4 now uses a Daily Login Reward to unlock new content

The Sims 4 is adding new content via a Daily Login award mechanic. New weekly content will be unlocked that can then be claimed after logging in a few times a week. At least they're free  but I have some thoughts as it is a timed event. Perhaps they're testing this model for Project Rene.  First of all, what is the harm in adding the new content without logging into the game? The daily login mechanic looks like the phase to turn The Sims into a completely online game. I won't dub Project Rene as Sims 5 yet as its concept functions closer to a spin-off Sims (aka Sims Online). Obviously, having a daily login mechanic belong to online games. Perhaps they want to bring back the playerbase -- sort of?  Granted that the daily login adds a sense of urgency, I don't see any difference if they simply serve new content without the "battle-pass" gimmick. Also, new content can be announced on their social media.  They've done it with the pools and everybody was simply