Sims 4 now uses a Daily Login Reward to unlock new content

The Sims 4 is adding new content via a Daily Login award mechanic. New weekly content will be unlocked that can then be claimed after logging in a few times a week. At least they're free but I have some thoughts as it is a timed event.

Perhaps they're testing this model for Project Rene. 

First of all, what is the harm in adding the new content without logging into the game? The daily login mechanic looks like the phase to turn The Sims into a completely online game. I won't dub Project Rene as Sims 5 yet as its concept functions closer to a spin-off Sims (aka Sims Online). Obviously, having a daily login mechanic belong to online games.

Perhaps they want to bring back the playerbase -- sort of? 

Granted that the daily login adds a sense of urgency, I don't see any difference if they simply serve new content without the "battle-pass" gimmick. Also, new content can be announced on their social media. 

They've done it with the pools and everybody was simply relieved to receive that significant "Summer" update; granted most of the players were critical saying The Sims 2 had pools when it launched. Heck, the original Sims 1 had pools! *Cough* Remove ladder *cough*.

Perhaps they want the content time limited? 

If it is, then you can miss them as well. As of now, we're counting 8 items available, and if the event ends in less than eight days (i.e. less than 7 days left until the new season), then you'll miss one. We would still need to find out what happens if an item is missed.

I've logged into my desktop's Sims 4 for the fourth time.

But something else is wrong...

The progress of your rewards is not tied to your online EA user account. For example, I've claimed almost all the rewards in my gaming laptop, but my other computer says otherwise. Your rewards progress is stored in a local user settings / file instead. This has been pointed out by another Sims 4 player in the forum as well, that your rewards do not transfer between devices

I've logged into my laptop's Sims 4 and it's almost complete. Further proof is the time left before the event ends: 15 days, 8 hours.

I am not sure if this current setup is correct or if this is on purpose. I mean having your content locally is a good thing. Either way, you have the better progress in one of your machines -- just a slight inconvenience of transferring your local user config. But time will tell if they will transition all content as online. Not to mention that if the next Sims will be online, it will affect the modding community a hundred percent. For now, your local computer is still the champ.


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