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Majesty 2 - because there is still no Majesty 3

Majesty 2 is a fantasy city-builder where you build and manage a township kingdom without directly controlling your units. You can build structures, cast spells, and place flag markers. Once you hire units (ie. heroes), they can only be influenced - not ordered - if you have a quest flag marked on the map with a gold payout. Simple Mechanic Sim Heroes Controlling the Map No Sandbox Mode Conclusion Simple Mechanic Building is gridless. Villagers / Peasants will spawn to build their homes and any queued structure. Tax collectors will spawn automatically from your castle, and they will walk around your town to collect taxes. Significant revenues can be collected from the marketplace and blacksmith. Different guild structures will let you hire your heroes. Upgrading each guild structure will unlock abilities for your heroes including the Majesty spells (or the player spells). There's a marketplace for heroes to buy their equipment and potions. A guard tower spawns a royal guard