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My Second Island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While my younger sibling borrowed my OG Switch for a few months, I just had to resume my Animal Crossing: New Horizons play through another way. ACNH was still a new game, there was a lot to discover, and since we're stuck in a pandemic, it didn't make sense why I shouldn't be able to play after paying the full "Nintendo" price for it. The irony is I had to spend for a Nintendo Switch Lite. How logical. But I scored one away from the scalpers. A Switch  Lite was an expensive workaround, but I didn't want to miss out and I can afford the new hardware. I named my second island Bethsaida. My naming sequence follows the letters of the alphabet: Alderman is first, and now Bethsaida is second. I wasn't sharing this island, so the map was my own canvas. Bethsaida is an urban island village with a couple of market districts, an infinity pool, and an elevated green house. There are three types of residential zones: a strip of beachfront villas, a ground-level villa