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5 Games to Play on a Carefree Morning

Maybe you've called in sick today or it's your banked day-off and the kids are in school, so it's just yourself at home on this weekday morning. The birds are chirping outside, the coffee has kicked in because you've decided to get up, and your heart is excited of the fun possibilities of this morning. Sure, you can go outside for a jog but do you really want to? You've been jogging for most of the time, and today is a rare occasion. You decide to play videogames instead since you've been waiting for this moment.  Here are five games that I found worthwhile to play on a carefree morning: 5. Fable I've never played a third-person RPG with real-time combat similar to Fable before in 2004 where your character is also able to purchase a home and start a family. I thought it was ingenious to have this aspect of having a life away from being a hero. And able to purchase properties that generate passive income during the adventures as well. It makes sense for anoth

Rune Factory 4 is nostalgia

I still remember the time I bought RF4 for the 3DS XL. Good times. So good, I decided to buy it again for my Switch. Rune Factory 4 is a fantasy RPG that seamlessly blends sim-farming on one hand and an RPG with real-time combat on the other. If you're familiar with Harvest Moon, then Rune Factory is definitely for you. Players will experience the staple of farming, crafting, and ranching. In addition, players will explore and fight monsters to find materials. They will also need to make friends and be able to get married in the game as well. Unlike in RL where getting married is intense.  The Rune Factory 4 Special for the Nintendo Switch is the full package. As the main character, part of story is building friendships and relationships thus these friendly characters have to be acting as themselves rather than the player controlling them including combat. This is what stood out for me on game design in general. The graphics do look dated on the Switch, but the gameplay is still so

dev diary: grind

It's a difficult grind at work. Despite having 9 hours of sleep, it's hard to stay motivated these days. I feel like I'm always tired. How much do I need this grind in life? Frankly, I don't know how I'll be able to complete my videogame project anymore. I feel like giving up. Even if I scale the project down, I don't think I'll ever finish since my permanent work during the day has made the development time virtually non-existent. Add the fact that I've been set back when my computer randomly crashed and erased my files for a year's worth, I'm worried that I may be too late. By the time that it gets published, I'm afraid that I'll miss the target audience since they've left to somewhere else. My problem is that I'm burning out because I'm missing the other things in life. I used to enjoy coming to work at 7am until 8:30am so I can write down some scripts, scenes and storylines for the game. That's gone now since I have to

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ver. 2 update has simply won me back!

Nintendo just dropped the Version 2 trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and all I could say is WOW. This free MAJOR Content Update will hit on November 5, 2021. Well done, Nintendo! If you haven't played ACNH yet, the trailer below has answered a lot of the fan requests and they even added more! Honestly, those who have played ACNH before this version will truly appreciate these new additions more. Here is the list of the additional content, new gameplay, and improvements. Brewster is back and his cafe is in the Museum. Villagers and town staff can also visit. You can call other NPCs via Amiibo accessory. Other players can also relax in the cafe. Kapp'n is back with his own Boat Tours to visit mysterious islands! New resources can be found on these mysterious island tours. Harv Island has been significantly expanded! New shops can be set up on Harv Island such as: Harriet's salon is here so we can expect more hairstyles!  Sketch's shoe shop is a welcome addition.