5 Games to Play on a Carefree Morning

Maybe you've called in sick today or it's your banked day-off and the kids are in school, so it's just yourself at home on this weekday morning. The birds are chirping outside, the coffee has kicked in because you've decided to get up, and your heart is excited of the fun possibilities of this morning. Sure, you can go outside for a jog but do you really want to? You've been jogging for most of the time, and today is a rare occasion. You decide to play videogames instead since you've been waiting for this moment. 

Here are five games that I found worthwhile to play on a carefree morning:

5. Fable

I've never played a third-person RPG with real-time combat similar to Fable before in 2004 where your character is also able to purchase a home and start a family. I thought it was ingenious to have this aspect of having a life away from being a hero. And able to purchase properties that generate passive income during the adventures as well. It makes sense for another type of fantasy. Fable was a past-time in the morning because I wanted to see more of the action immediately. 

Fable was a fresh concept that I found relaxing to play in the morning. The game looked colorful and romantic for a medieval fantasy RPG. I was hooked on the story and its freedom of play. The day cycles in the game gave me this impression that I'm making a big progress in the story similar to watching a cartoon in the morning with a bowl of cereal. I could leave it and open the TV while the day passes in the game alongside the NPCs living their lives. I could also make gold on the side too. I know that Fable has its intense parts; but players can return to their hamlet and chill. I sure hope I can catch that allure on the upcoming Fable for the Series X/S. 

4. Gran Turismo 

I'm talking mainly about Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3. I would play a few rounds of A-Spec races first to jog my brain. But when I want to be mesmerized instead at the sceneries (AND the calm driving animation), I tap on my B-Spec drivers. Then eat my breakfast while occasionally coaching my driver. Most of the race tracks take place during the day and it feels like going on a road trip on my couch with the amazing sceneries. I get to earn credits too. Thinking back, I've played Gran Turismo 5 -- even the earlier GTs -- during the morning. I never played Gran Turismo at night. It didn't feel right to me. 

3. State of Decay 2

I find it oddly relaxing to play State of Decay 2 in the morning. Perhaps it's the quiet day/night cycle in the game, and how it's innately quiet in the main base. Or maybe driving around the small town gives out a feeling of taking the car for a spin on a peaceful morning. Similarly, it feels like a road trip on a realistically scaled country-side town. I enjoy the view -- except for the undead.

I like the feel of having two towers.

Making sure that EVERYONE survives in my pool.

SOD 2 gets you tense at the right moment during salvage runs, unexpected events, or the occasional siege. Players can adjust the difficulty, so SOD 2 can be played at a much more relaxing pace on a carefree morning. Again, what I like about SOD 2 is how the towns are realistically designed and scaled -- especially the houses. The infra looks and feels authentic. Ignoring the undead, driving around feels like a long drive that started in the morning and reaching the destination before lunch. I wonder if there is going to be a spin-off to SOD 2 where you get to experience the country side living instead.

It's a new day. Welp. Time to bash some zombie heads and scavenge for parts.

2. Animal Crossing

There's no denying that Animal Crossing can be played anytime. The 6am scene looks serene albeit that most of your villagers are still asleep and the shops are still closed. There really isn't a debate on what is the perfect time to play AC. But I just find it extra special to play it in the morning since the shops are fresh and the villagers are starting their day. Morning playthroughs feel new to me as it has been the time for school or work. But on my sick days, I would take my Switch and place it next to my bed, play AC:NH for an hour, and go to sleep. Wake up, rinse and repeat until I've recovered. 

1. The Sims

When The Sims 2 launched, it made one of my carefree mornings truly magical. It was my first time to be able to build a house, see my Sims rendered, and zoom in & out off a full 3d environment. I still vividly remember the tutorial level on Sims 2, and that blank canvas of a green lot around my house. The transition of night to morning in the game, how the the light gradually touched the ground and brightened the room through the windows, the display was simply gorgeous. The background music was so catchy that I still play them to this day. The experience was a complete departure from the previous title and I thought that Sims 2 was the start of something special. Indeed, it is.

Open your windows and listen to the ambience outside. Now listen to the ambience in The Sims. There's no need for cumbersome headphones. Take it easy. Imagine, the breeze comes in from the open, birds singing outside, a few vehicles passing and pedestrians walking by, and then music from the game is playing -- it was euphoria. Watch your Sims live their life as you take a sip of your warm drink. I find it amusing how they would go to work or school while I get to relax instead. When I notice how I could build more on my house, I get fully absorbed on expanding and when I finish, there's still time before lunch.

For sure The Sims is a game that I find fun playing in the morning (or anytime I'm free). The game is something special as I managed to capture fond memories in the sequels as well. Whether playing at home or back in my university dorm, The Sims made a pleasant morning and a good day afterward.

What Sims are you playing?
Me: Yes.

Special mention: Any new game that you recently got.

Naturally, any game that you've recently purchased (at least what you've eagerly waited for) is worth a good and long playthrough on a carefree morning. You want to get most out of it as soon as you're able, and in return gives out a lasting first impression. I've had a similar experience with GTA: Vice City when it launched, but I played every GTA mostly at night. For now, I'm currently playing New World - which is fairly new and still buggy - but if I can leave the game wanting more after the morning, the game is a win in my books.

What games would you recommend playing in the morning especially during a day-off?


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