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It's official: I'm a cat person

Well, I'm more like a rabbit-cat person. BUT! Upon seeing Sprigatito (roughly translates to Grass/Spriggan Kitten), I've finally confirmed that I am not a dog-person. That doesn't mean I don't like dogs, but I have more affinity toward cats. It's ironic though that I've never had a cat for a pet before. I've had dogs. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have released their announcement trailer today showcasing an open-world game planned for release this late 2022. A new Pokemon game means new Pokemon! Including a new set of adorable starters. BREAKING : we're seeing a lot of Sprigatito fan art as we speak! Possibly the new starters. Fuecoco is my second choice. Aww and Sprigatito is an attention seeking Pokemon in its lore . The game changing mechanic which has been partially introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and had been fully showcased on Pokemon Legends: Arceus is its open-world design in the game. Ever since Gen 1, fans have been imagining an o