It's official: I'm a cat person

Well, I'm more like a rabbit-cat person. BUT! Upon seeing Sprigatito (roughly translates to Grass/Spriggan Kitten), I've finally confirmed that I am not a dog-person. That doesn't mean I don't like dogs, but I have more affinity toward cats. It's ironic though that I've never had a cat for a pet before. I've had dogs. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have released their announcement trailer today showcasing an open-world game planned for release this late 2022. A new Pokemon game means new Pokemon! Including a new set of adorable starters.

BREAKING: we're seeing a lot of Sprigatito fan art as we speak!

Possibly the new starters. Fuecoco is my second choice.

Aww and Sprigatito is an attention seeking Pokemon in its lore. The game changing mechanic which has been partially introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and had been fully showcased on Pokemon Legends: Arceus is its open-world design in the game. Ever since Gen 1, fans have been imagining an open-world Pokemon game. Fans have also been searching for a Pokemon game that would expand a world of different biomes with Pokemon living in their natural habitat (e.g. Pokemon Snap). There's a healthy sign of progress lately on implementing these game designs for the current Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch.

Apparently, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would be the culmination of all previous Pokemon games doing away from the old gen sprite based Pokemon. We're into the future now, exploring a fully rendered world complemented with seamless exploration, and battle mechanics. For me, I'm as excited as awaiting for a new canon Resident Evil game back to the tank control.


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