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Look for Len in Len's Island - Review

Len's island is a survival game set on a mysterious island where you must find food, gather resources, and build a shelter to survive. You'll be chopping up wood, foraging for berries, and exploring the island to establish your footing. Soon you discover that you are not alone and must develop a thriving homestead on the island later on. Len's island is still on Early Access. The early build is playable and I haven't run into any bugs but it is lacking dialogue and quests. Players can use the point and click or WASD control mechanic.  Life-Sim and Survival Town of Bridgewater Dungeon Crawling Colorful Graphics Conclusion Life-Sim and Survival (top) The house building in Len's Island is simple to grasp as exterior structures snap by the grid while indoor furniture can be placed by the pixel. Crafting involves the usual gathering the necessary resources such as wood, stones, and fiber. You'll then be able to craft tools and furniture. More furnitur