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My Time at Portia: Review

This game - where have you been 10 years ago? My Time at Portia is a quaint simulation RPG game where you rebuild your father's workshop and create a new life in the land of Portia. You start off as repairing the dilapidated workshop to gaining fame by completing commissions from the citizens of Portia. As a workshop builder, players will need to help Portia prosper and fulfill commissions as requested by the numerous NPC citizens throughout the land. However, there's also a few rivals that will try to compete for business. You are after all the newcomer in Portia. My Time at Portia is a cute and happy game, although it takes place on a dark setting of a post-apocalyptic world. It's developed by Pathea Games and published by Team 17 (publisher of Worms 3D, Survivalist, and Overcooked). The graphics remind me of a cute MMO - and honestly, it plays like an MMO too. It would've been great if this game was released ten years ago, because there's a lot of playtime in thi