Life By You is cancelled

Life By You has announced its cancellation. The announcement was made on the Paradox Interactive Forums via Paradox General Discussion. Having it announced on the PDX general discussion instead of the Life By You forums means that the Life By You forum will likely shut down soon. 

The game has been cancelled due to the game lacking on some key areas according to Paradox Deputy CEO, Mattias Lilja. Which may translate to simply dissatisfaction with the current builds and delaying the game is not their answer. There are other sides to the disappointing story about funding or corporate matters. One of the developers posted an article, stating that they were only informed two weeks before the early access.

The biggest selling point for me is its supposed open world and concurrent gameplay. Rod Humble described it as your neighborhood would slowly transform as your game progresses. The other selling point to me is its direct competition with The Sims. Based on the reception on my bad experience with the EA app, the online requirement to a singleplayer Sims 4, and the thousand dollars worth of paid content, I'm not hyped on Project Rene.

There is clearly a market for life-sim games. Nintendo can release another expansion to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and I'm sure people will buy it. For now, Paralives is the other game to watch out for. You can also include Vivaland. 

And all the more reason to go indie on making videogames.


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