Cheriwaves, my third island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cheriwaves was created because I wanted to buy the Coral Switch Lite. It's also a nod to Deftones' Cherry Waves song as it was stuck in my head. Plus its island native fruit is cherry (well it's pear, but I'm removing every pear tree). Cheriwaves will feature a theme of blue, white, and reddish/pinkish motif similar to the ocean waves with cherry. It's a work in progress where I got stuck in the middle. But since the latest 2.0 update + the expansion, I think I'll go ahead with the current theme in mind and explore the massive amount of items added. I'm imagining a splash of colour from a crash of cherry waves. 

More importantly, here is to feature my top three favourite villagers of Cheriwaves (again, in no particular order).

3. Roald

Roald and I go way back in ACPG. I've had Roald twice in ACPG: as a starter villager and as someone who moved into my village from another GC memory card while fruit transferring. I thought that having a penguin was interesting already as I didn't know all of the species in ACPG. But it's his BIG ROUND eyes that caught my attention. He's also a jock that kept giving me free stuff. So I'm mighty glad to have Roald on Cheriwaves this time. To think that we'd meet again. Roald is a true bro.

2. Whitney

Samone: (!!! in English)

I haven't met Whitney in ACPG but I've seen her appear as early as the first Animal Crossing movie. I've been curious since then because I didn't like a snooty villager before. I've been trying to generate a town with Whitney on it but with no luck. So imagine my joy when Whitney finally appeared on my campsite. How many years has it been? The closest to having Whitney on ACPG was having Fang on my last memory card before focusing on to ACNL. Whitney looks graceful whenever she carries her umbrella too. She's the second snooty villager who was worried when I was away for a long time due to being sick. It feels like Whitney will always have my back.

1. Flora

Flora is a flamingo. She's technically an ostrich, but she's seriously a flamingo. I haven't stumbled upon Flora before, but she definitely has the Cheriwaves vibe. She's funny too. Made me chuckle when she mentioned how CJ is always happy to see her -- but maybe it's because she's bringing fish. And that heart shaped face is really cute. Flora is one of my starters in Cheriwaves and I've had to pass up many villagers before I've settled with my final roster. It's final. Flora is super fun and is not going anywhere. Sorry, not sorry Flora. 

Special mention. Lolly

Lolly's eyes are cute (they look like a 6 or an apostrophe). Lolly's striped coat pattern is also cute. Lolly's smiley face is also cute. I can imagine every AC player having Lolly. The weird thing about having Lolly is that she reminds me of Mitzi instead. But Lolly is the staple uchi cat in New Horizons. Lolly walking around Cheriwaves with her bright smile is contagious.

Here are a few moments in Cheriwaves

I made a funny: carps on a carpool... *leaves the building.*

As if Roald and I are reminiscing our times during the Gamecube days.

Whitney and I discussing the state of Cheriwaves: it appears I'll be voted out next.

When Flurry has to move -- so she can be with Hamphrey.

To whoever gave Flora the bath-towel, we need to talk.

First time seeing this babecue grill set up on the plaza.


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