dev diary: Getting back in the Groove

I posted last month about burning out and I have to jump over this block before it gets worse. One way that I found helpful in getting back into the groove would be to (forcefully) code for an hour at minimum. Similarly to getting back to writing. If the hour is unproductive at least it's spent on my life's project. It's working so far.

The last few sessions had my mind working again on my list. Although there are a couple of things that I'm stuck with namely the design and a few gaps on my storyline, it's worse to fall behind. Thus I have to keep working on it in as little or as much as I can. 

My core vision is to create a game that I want to play. Frankly, I think simply being able to have a project published is already an achievement; as long as the game is fun and makes sense; so I don't really care if it bombs. Here are the short synopsis of the games I'm developing which I think are worth working on:

Project: Myth*
(Genre: Single-player, Story rich, Adventure, RPG, Turn-based, Visual Novel, Management)

Shannon discovers a mysterious laptop left in his new apartment. He must figure out what's causing a glitch in his reality.

Juno and Ember, concept art. Potential companions for the visual novel. 


- Single-player and Story-rich.
- Recruit different companions in your adventure.
- Increase affinity and get to know your companions better.
- Manage the different aspects of your life.**

Concept art for Andrayla, a companion.

Concept art for Seraphine, a companion.

A screenshot of the player's apartment.

Project: Tier-Three*
(Genre: Single-player, Story rich, Turn-Based RPG, Casual, Crafting, Building, Management) 

Eldred runs a simple apothecary in the town of Alvay. He experiences a memory lapse one morning due to a mysterious incident in the nearest dungeon while gathering for materials. He tries to recollect his missing memory, however his past becomes more subjective when he wakes up on an unfamiliar place.

The town of Alvay


- Craft potions and fulfill orders.
- Delve into the dungeon for materials.
- Meet allies and enlist their help.
- Explore the world and purchase more shops.
- Plan and play through causality.** 

Project: Miasma*
(Genre: Single-player, RPG, Survival, Base-Building)

The kingdom has commissioned all able bodied adventurers for the Great Rebuilding on the search for a crystal which wards off the deadly miasma that has enveloped a great portion of the continent. Heiro, a son of a farmer, decides to enlist as an adventurer for fame and fortune as well as to help bring prosperity to their village. However, Heiro keeps getting an unusual dream which involves the battle with the Primevil that may lead to the origin of the miasma.

- Explore the land and gather for resources while ensuring survival against the miasma
- Join in the Great Rebuilding.
- Have the freedom to follow the storyline or not
- Discover the secret behind Heiro**

* Not the actual videogame title.
** I will end the list of features here to protect the IP.

My main focus is Project Myth while I'm hoping to have a working demo for Project Tier-Three first. The Project Miasma will have to be shelved until then but when I absolutely run into a mental block, it serves as a third outlet. As mentioned, I'm not sharing anything specific yet to protect the content and storyline of the games until at least when I have something consolidated to showcase.

Despite that videogame development sounds fun, one thing is for sure, being consistent on coding is utterly difficult after an exhausting day job. Not to mention the sole development of these projects rests on me. The creation of art, music, sound, story, gameplay, etc. - I do since it's my life project after all. I'll cross the bridge to bug-hunting and support when I get there. Let's not get way ahead when there isn't a demo or a technical alpha yet. I am hoping for support when my game is released.


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