The Sims 5 is facing a good competition!

Life-sim games are my staple when it comes to rest and relaxation. I enjoy it even in its slightest hint from RPGs such as Skyrim, Fable, and so on. I grew up playing life-sims from different perspectives whether farming games or building houses, but I was heavily immersed with The Sims. Now we're seeing a new age of life-sim games with multiplayer in mind. And which we also expect in the development of The Sims 5. 

Here are the upcoming life-sim games hyping me along with Sims 5:   

The Sims 5 (top)

(Image Credit: Electronic Arts / Maxis)

The mainstream life-sim is going to add multiplayer, but EA emphasizes that Sims 5 will not become an MMO. Graphics wise, Sims 5 could be described as an upgraded Sims 4. But it's still in the very early phase of development. In fact, Project Rene invited play-testers to design the interior of an apartment only (i.e. a pre-built space). Building the dry-walls was absent during the initial play-test. In Sims 5, adding patterns (called accents) to wallpapers and furniture will return. This was a big thing in Sims 3. Then customization somehow fell short on Sims 4 similar to the styles of Sims 2. 

There is no significant information yet on how the multiplayer will shape up in terms of building, sim-relationships, or inviting friends over sessions. Although EA also says that the multiplayer will not blow away the single-player aspect in Sims 5. Yet the multiplayer trend may have finally reached its apex from Sims 4's multiplayer mod. If you haven't seen S4MP yet, check it out on their website. As S4MP is a mod, the LAN version is free. The online play is available via Patreon but will eventually be as free available on public. 

Paralives (top)

(Image Credit: Alex Massé)

Paralives is a brand new life sim that I discovered in Steam around 2020. You will be creating your Para-folks and will be building their homes too. The vibrant color and graphics look friendly and appealing. The building mechanics is amazing considering that it's an entry title. Players can create curved walls and customize the space between the floor and ceiling. You can also get more creative on windows. 

I am also amused that your Para-folks will speak their own Parafolk language. While it's a new game, some familiar elements are definitely appreciated. One thing that stood the test of time in Sims is its impeccable and memorable music. There are new Simlish songs that I discovered (and wished they had real lyrics); and there are real songs that were created in Simlish. That aspect of the game is awesome, dedicated, and creative altogether! How will Paralives fare in the sound and ambience design? I am keen to find out.

Life By You (top)

(Image Credit: Paradox Interactive)

Out of all that's listed in the article, Life By You has my utmost attention if I decide to move on to the next game. Life By You offers something along the lines of a next-gen Sims 3. Life By You will have players creating their characters and homes in a concurrent live open world. The town or neighborhood will progress and simulate during play. 

Similar to Sims 3 and 4, Life By You features that the whole game (or the whole neighborhood) will run at the same time as your household and it will transform slowly. Rod Humble, best known for his work in Sims 2 and 3, will be significantly involved in the game with Paradox Interactive. Looking at it from the technical terms, I could imagine along these lines: starting a playthrough of Mount and Blade: Bannerlord where each NPC can interact with other NPCs by waging war or forming alliances; and then imagine Cities: Skyline where the city can transform after zoning out areas. In Life By You, the whole world is zoned out and when NPCs interact with other NPCs it affects the biome in the game. New buildings may pop up.

Interestingly, the language that your character speaks will be real in Life By You. Conversations can be edited on the fly. Life By You is shaping up as the biggest competitor of The Sims 5. Not to mention that the game will also support mods.

Vivaland (top)

(Image Credit: Vivaland)

Vivaland's selling point is a life-sim game with multiplayer in mind. The demo shows two or more players building on the same lot at the same time. I don't know much about Vivaland, so it's a fringe on my list. But I find the concept interesting. The environment (gfx speaking) looks decent, but the characters look rough. We'll have to see more about it in the future. But I thought that I might as well share it because of the upcoming Sims 5 competition.


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