New World: 5 Reasons to Buy a House in Aeternum

New World has lost a huge number of its playerbase since launch due to bugs, lack of end game content and gameplay annoyances. But AGS had introduced a stream QoL (Quality of Life) improvements, new game content, and gameplay refinement to entice its players back. In fact, our server is seeing more curious returnees who constantly ask what changed that it became a meme. While we cannot name all the new implementations in this article, I would remark that the new updates on Housing would be a welcoming development for new players, returnees, and daily players altogether. 
I've read questions on the global chat asking would it be a good idea to own a house? I'd say buy the most expensive one on your first purchase. Now is the best time to buy a house in Aeternum since the Proprety Tax is set at an insignificant 1%, plus you're able to sell off your house now if you change your mind. Here are five reasons on buying a house in New World:   

1. Trophies (top)

Trophies boost your character in terms of combat, crafting, and loot. Each house can hold up to five trophies, but each trophy has to be distinct among the five. In the current New World game, players can own up to three houses. So you can have a stack of the same three trophy buffs from all three houses. 

Trophies are important on crafting as the boost tops up the quality of each roll (which means to randomly generate the best gear per crafting). Having a crafting set plus the three Major Trophies will have a much greater chance of rolling a Legendary gear rather than crafting only with a set of perked outfit. These legendary gears can then either be equipped or sold on the market for a very high price. Sometimes each gear is sold for as much as six-digit figures.

Trophies can also make it worthwhile on your adventures in Aeternum. The Loot Luck trophy can give players a greater chance of finding rare/legendary loot from drops and chests. The Corrupted Combat trophy can give you an edge to invasions which boosts your damage on the Corrupted; not to mention, it gives you another reason why the ruling company should slot you on Corrupted Invasions. There are also trophies to boost your luck on finding rare resources from harvesting, mining, logging, and fishing. These rare resources can be sold for a high price, or can be used to craft equipment sold at a higher price as well.

2. Storage (top)

A settlement provides a player shed starting at 1000lbs while outposts provide a player shed of 1000lbs max inventory. While it sounds a lot, it isn't. You will be hoarding many ingredients, potions, food, resources, weapon, and armor in your adventure. Your house can add more storage capacity. Now that the capacity of player chests have been doubled recently, it's a no-brainer to purchase a house.

Houses in Aeternum can come in four tiers. The lowest tier house costs 5000 coins and can be placed with one player chest. The highest tier house costs 20,000 coins and can allow up to four player chests. All tiers can be found on all settlements of Aeternum. And now that the devs have decided to double the player chests capacity plus reduce Property Tax to 1% max, it's the best time to purchase a house in this New World. Also, there is a 50% discount on your first house purchase, which means you only need to save 10k to buy the most expensive house in town.

3. Fast Travel (top)

There are no mounts in New World. No one knows if mounts will be introduced, but the (current) New World lore restricts the introduction of mounts - simply because of animal corruption. Instead players need to fast travel, but it works differently in New World. Houses allow you to recall your character back home.

Without a house, you can register on the town's inn so you can recall (or fast travel back) from your current location. This recall has a 30 minute cooldown (which used to be 60 minutes). Alternatively, you can fast travel from one *visited* spirit shrine to another *visited* spirit shrine in the map using Azoth. Azoth is a mysterious liquid which can be harvested from quests, natural resources, and mob kills. Combining these two components, houses can act as an inn which recalls your character back home, and can have the recall cooldown reset by spending Azoth. You cannot refresh the cooldown on the inn.

4. Furnishing (top)

There is a niche in the player base that want to decorate their houses, after all each home is showcased in town depending on the furnishing score. So there will be players who would rather buy the furniture than craft them. You can be that seller they're looking for. It's a good idea to increase your trade skills such as armoring, weaponsmithing, engineering, or alchemy. Furnishing is special because players will always look for the highest chest storage on the market, or fulfill that niche for housing decor. In general, leveling up your trade skills means opening up another economy for your character. 

5. Break (top)

It's a good break in the routine of adventure to simply take a step back from raids to decorate your house. It adds immersion as well. Go ahead and flaunt your house. Not everyone is as design coordinated as yourself.

ONE GLARING PROBLEM with the current housing: (top)

Once you've actually purchased a house, you'll realize the lack of function in your furniture. A funny example would be the lack of a working kitchen in your own house. Players need to use the town's communal kitchen and pay for "crafting" fees as tax to the governing company. But wait there's more... The irony is players CAN cook in their Tier-1 camp, but not on their paid Tier-4 house. The same applies with crafting and arcana. There is no workbench, no usable anvil, nor an alchemy lab in your New World house unlike how players can work at home in Skyrim. Get this: you can do a bit of work on your Aeternum campsite too. The main problem lies on the crafting fees; the game doesn't want you to craft anywhere else but on the town's crafting stations since that's where taxes come from. 

The furniture interactions are highly limited. I mean the house is filled with furniture animation that the player can interact with. You can lie down on beds, you can sit on the chair, pet your dog (don't get me started on pets), that's it. There is no rested buff from lying on a bed. Aside from storage chests, that's pretty much the gist on furniture. Glorified decorations.

The developers have to address this craft and taxing mechanic at some point if they want to expand on the house's functionality. Perhaps they need to overhaul the whole town management system. 

Conclusion (top)

New World players must purchase a house since the first three benefits far outweigh the missing furniture functionality in their Aeternum home. During the early days, property tax was at least 5% and due every 5 days. Abandoning the house also meant forfeiting coins. And storage chests held little capacity for as low as 200 lbs. Now that taxes have been drastically reduced, players also must purchase a Tier-4 house on their first purchase since it would be 50% off. Player chest capacity has doubled, and the top tier home can house four chests. If Property Tax reverts to increase in the future, abandoning your house now means selling it off at half the price.  So if you're an adventurer in Aeternum, become an Aeternum homeowner now!


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