That stuck feeling is terrible

I'm stuck right now. I'd like to save up for a new phone. I'd like to save up for a car. I'd like to save up for a new home. I'd like to save up for a new computer. I'd like to save up for a business. I can't spend. I need more savings. Welcome to the real world. But I think it's just February talking.

I usually spend around this time of the year. Otherwise, it's going to be stale as work. But I'm feeling super bored already. If I'm to save up, then I shouldn't be spending until June. Homeownership is my primary focus and I'm getting impatient at work and on my game development. I'm getting antsy in life.

My game development always hits a snag: fix one problem, notice another. The latest development in my game involves town management but now I have to examine the story and (possibly) redo it. While I was drafting the dialogue between the player and an NPC on the town management, I realized that the whole premise is weak. Worse, it doesn't make sense.

Which brings me to my woes of being stuck. I want something new by treating myself either by having fun (or retail therapy). I may be getting tired of the same view. I can't travel now since it's midterms and super busy in the university. I do hope of getting over this soon. Writing helps that's why I'm doing it.

On the plus side, I purchased RPG Developer Bakin. It looks promising. I have a couple of ideas I'm trying on this engine. But I'm sticking with my current projects on SGB until I launch them all the way. Time is ticking though and the launch window is getting old. I have to figure out the most practical point to be able to release a standalone version.


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