Animal Crossing: New Horizons update will let you teleport!

Valentine's Day and the Festivale holiday ended, and I enjoyed them, but a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons trailer update drops via Nintendo Direct with new Super Mario themed items coming over to our islands next week. To celebrate the 35th anniversary, Super Mario themed items are coming into the game on March 1, while the update will be released on February 25, 2021. These items will be available via Tom Nook shopping. 

Moreover, March 20th is also approaching which will mark Animal Crossing: New Horizon's first anniversary. Honestly, I think New Horizon players, new and old, will use this date so that they can stream more of their games. Looking back, there has been plenty of updates that have gone our way including the summer update - namely swimming (which southern hemisphere players are currently enjoying). The update is perfect for those players who wish to turn their island into a obstacle course,  but the warp pipe is simply the most useful item out of this update. Ladies and Gentlemen, we can now teleport from one side of the island to the other, outside out of our home and inside the basement. Does this break immersion? With talking animals, owing a tanuki your mortgage, and being able to put full grown trees into your pocket -- yes, the pipe breaks immersion.

Many Animal Crossing fans have been anticipating for Brewster's return, our beloved pigeon barista. Rumors have been spreading too about a farming update -- not just pumpkin planting. Fans thought that this update would confirm the rumors. Although it appears that now is not the time. Since fans have received something different, I don't see a problem about this update since Super Mario celebrating its 35th year is a big deal for Nintendo. Understandably, Nintendo would promote and pay an homage on their bestseller. However, I'm also hoping to see Brewster or Dr. Shrunk again.
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