Finally! Brewster is confirmed on Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Brewster, our favorite pigeon coffee barista, is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the upcoming fall update on November. On the teaser trailer dropped by Nintendo Direct, The Roost 24-7 will open on the museum upon the steps to the left before the art gallery. It's funny that they made an announcement that they'll make an announcement on a later date. More information will be revealed on October 1 as we've finally crossed the autumn season.

Brewster made his first appearance in Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo 3DS. His coffee shop was a regular hang out spot for villagers and shopkeepers. Brewster has been missed dearly since players want to set up a coffee shop on their island. In fact, he has been rumored if not requested since the first summer update to ACNH. Does this mean that Nintendo is listening to the fans or have they sensed that ACNH is on the decline? If they did listen to what the fans want, one would wonder who else will make their deserved appearance. Hooray for now!

Easy does it now, Nintendo. Easy does it.
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